The contemporary gallery is now a provider in the information service industry, leaving behind its role as a distributor of luxury commodities. Today's gallery's name is made on the consistency of its choices as a reliable source of promising artistic identities. As the belief that materiality imbues aura diminishes, the distance between curating and reblogging will also fade.

"Pre-Career Retrospective: Works From 2009-2010"" is a show chosen and represented entirely by the directors of Extra Extra Gallery, taking Brad Troemel's visual art directly from his website. This gesture of presenting work without the consent of the creator is emblematic of immaterial art's free movement into any receptive home.

In addition to the artist's intent, the journey of images from their source now defines our perception of them. Art's meaning is dynamic and plural as a result of the inconsistent path we each come to finding one another on the internet. The freedom of an artist with an immaterial practice extends to a freedom by all those who wish to appropriate their imagery. No longer understood as a definite end point, art's digital existence is a middle ground for a host of other agents to influence. "Pre-Career Retrospective" literally enacts this new, inevitably collaborative process between artists and the presenters of their art.