Common Place

April 1 - April 24: An installation by Beth Brandon, Samantha Margherita and Luren Jenison

Common Place, a collaborative sculptural installation by Beth Brandon, Samantha Margherita and Lauren Jenison, invites visitors to manipulate a shifting modular space and consider how natural elements are included in our increasingly quarantined domestic lives. By isolating and systematizing natural artifacts in a stage-like interior, these artist present an exploded view of the elegant natural elements woven into our hard-edged lives.

"Common Place investigates the essence of our urge to create personalized interior spaces. Through a combination of necessity, comfort, values, and aesthetics, we build our homes from the physical and cultural matter we find outdoors. An extension of body and spirit,the home becomes a miniaturization of our outer landscape, as well as the platform from which we view it.

In contemporary American culture, it is easy enough to live a life detached from the source and manufacture of everyday amenities. Common Place emphasizes that the home and its contents are culled and crafted from the wild. Comprised mainly of move-able parts, the installation invites gallery visitors to engage playfully and intentionally with their immediate surroundings. In this way, each participant is given the opportunity to craft a personal world within a public context."