October 7th 2011


Experimental Massage
Heather Bregman and Katie Dean

Experimental Massage is a new collaboration by visual artist Heather Bregman, and dancer Katie Dean. At its center, Experimental Massage is a video that regulates the passage of time with applied utopian imagery. By directly engaging with this projected landscape, Bregman and Dean begin a vigorous cross-examination of the self, externalizing feelings of pleasure and escape. The artist is interested in exploring how this process can be humiliating when witnessed by others, but also how it maintains the potential to lead us out of the darkness. Through sound, video, sculpture and movement, this work acts as a symbolic passage of retreat and rebirth, while expressing gratitude for the pleasure of self possession.


Jake Dibeler

Part com-mer-cial pop radio, part exper-i-men-tal dance, part mono-logue, and part clas-si-cal the-ater, Jake Dibeler's GIRLFRIEND explores the complications of growing up as disenchanted, depraved youth in the 1990s. Dibeler's performances, heavy with sexuality, comedy, and sadness, are fly-on-the-wall looks into the lives of teenagers struggling with their identity.