Facts about the Past

Oliver Laric
Aleksandra Domanovic

9/10/11 - 9/28/11

We are approaching a global culture, where localized histories are replaced by decentralized ideologies, both re-interpreted and re-contextualized. As we move away from traditional notions of history, the meanings attributed to once steadfast cultural icons are dissolved and replaced by hyper-realized symbols, where the primary source is enveloped and re-distributed by a connected global consciousness.

This group of video by Aleksandra Domanovic, Lenox-Lenox, and Oliver Laric approach the ideas presented above from three similar, yet distinct viewpoints. Their work examines the willing fictionalization of cultural identity, a future history from a time when consumption and leisure have been abandoned, and the multi-faceted, continuous re-purposing of images in which we are currently engaged . This presentation hopes to rouse questions about our consumption of images and how the power endowed to them by our looking can be shifted.

Turbo Sculpture, 2010 - 2013 from A.D.