Liminal Refraction

Liminal Refraction is a collaborative installation of sculpture created by Nik Pence and Alyse Ronayne. The idea of mirroring, or doubling, is ever-present in the individual pieces, in this show, and in this collaboration. These mirrored possibilities, void of hysterics, are akin to a conversation, where multiple conclusions are found and built upon. Potential lies in liminal space, that literal threshold in which time and space are suspended.

Interested in sculptural objects as props, Nik Pence explores the implied theatricality of installation. His staged sculptures refer to a process of construction, and sometimes exceed the objectsÕ materiality and utilitarian purpose. As a devise for communicating broken narrative, his installations explore the corollary of misinformation and idealized representation.

While simultaneously surrounded by domestic and studio materials, both the objects and the spaces they inhabit become a point of contention for making artwork for Alyse Ronayne. By manipulating structural and decorative forms in her sculptures, each materialÕs function and value is challenged. Within the minimal nature, each element becomes just as necessary as the next, regardless of material connotation. Potential for new lineage is fostered; chronology and hierarchy become as malleable and arrange-able as the materials and images.

Nik Pence
Alyse Ronayne