Zachary Davis

July 1 - August 7

Zachary Davis' work explores our relationship to the natural world from an inner-space. Focusing on the boundaries and pitfalls of human cognition and the echoing of these ancient tools in newly developed systems of visualization, Davis presents a body of work that sympathises with the searcher. With sculptures that feel extruded from some basin out of time, computer generated images that eerily mimic our own cognition, and a birds-eye view of a digital microcosm, Lowbeam brings varying forms of visualization to a place of awe and unease.

"For a learning and pattern-recognition machine, sense data is plotted within an n-dimensional virtual space on as many axes as there are recognized variables. As data trickles in, it is incorporated into a growing set of higher dimensional forms corresponding to learned classes and distinctions.

Enlisting consumer-grade algorithmic searchers and the materials of synthetic Nature, Lowbeam presents a linked body of sculpture, image and installed video - a collection of extrusions and projections from a forager's internal map." - Zach Davis

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