SUSPECT DEVICE is an exhibition of work from four artists curated by Ingrid Burrington. The exhibit employs sculpture, animation, and two-dimensional renderings to explore how the aesthetics of our environment act in tandem with its mechanization. Ingird brings together hand-crafted objects with her self-described "slicker, cleaner" work and the 3-d animations of Lauren Brick to comment on the underlying design of our environment and it's supposed utility.

There is increasing discussion today of the application of design to life. Nations are branded, personal interests are data, above all objects have some function, and productivity generates both fiscal and cultural capital. Even the terms by which we describe art objects as works suggests that they are a mechanism for some productive use. These artworks reference useful objects and design strategies, and appear to be in "use", but obscure or complicate the actual use; and in so doing emphasize the symbolic function of objects while implying a somewhat sinister, somewhat comical secret purpose that might be best left unknown.

Works by
Lauren Brick
Ingrid Burrington
Sydney Conaway
Emilie Fosnocht