Victory Over the Sun Was Never Won in the West

Joni Murphy and Brian Wallace

Since NAFTA took effect in 1994, the border between the US and Mexico has increasingly become a major dividing line between safety and danger, consumption and production. Despite the fact that the US population eagerly consumes the drugs flowing from and through Mexico, the devastating ongoing war is by in large seen in the US as their problem (1).

Victory Over the Sun Was Never Won in the West is a ritual performance that speaks to/ of the shadowy war on/for drugs.

In this performance, mass-produced goods become ritual objects.
By conjuring and mimicking the authoritative language of news and politics we attempt to steal their power and transform it into something useful and healing (2).

The two performers transmit fragments of politicians, journalists, government agents, painters, bloggers, fashion editors, factory workers and child actors that all in some way relate to the drug industry. They are substitutes for all the people either unwilling or unable to speak.

Because of the scale and brutality of the drug war, and because of the willful ignorance and hypocrisy of the political attitude towards it, we feel we must turn away from reason and appeal to secret magic(1). Though our means have been reduced to what we can acquire from Wal-Mart, convenience stores, and the street we believe that our focus, attention and love we can transform poison into medicine.


(2) This technique was partially inspired by Jean Rouch's short film Les Maitres Fous