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Extra Extra has permanently closed.

Its members are focusing on new projects and continue collaborate via guest curating and web releases.

Check Out Our New Endeavors: American Medium, Grin City Collective, and Who Wore It Better.

Mission Statement:

Extra Extra was founded in 2009 in Philadelphia, PA. Projects are curated collaboratively and as individuals by:
Derek Frech
Joe Lacina
Daniel Wallace

Extra Extra supports the development of artists interpreting our global society through an interdisciplinary lense. Whether by way of image, sound, text or performance, we seek to maintain a critical dialogue between the artists we exhibit, our local community and the global community online.

We find ourselves in a moment when political and social hierarchies are being dissolved, when the romance of individualism is being replaced by the power of the collective, and when the tools for both the production and distribution of information are being democratized. With this in mind, we present artistic projects created to examine our immediate cultural condition. We embrace our current speed. We look excitedly into the expanse.