two performances
Saturday March 26: 7pm

Catalogue by Eric Veit and Beth Heinly presents Anonymous on March 26th at 7pm. Anticipation, suspense and potential are performed as Eric Veit plays a group of objects and Beth Heinly creates a definitive moment through the act of surprise.

In Beth Heinly presents Anonymous, Heinly assumes an anonymous male identity set in an art installation provoking the viewers anticipation. Never knowing when something might happen, we watch.

Catalouge by Eric Veit

I heard through the walls, I dialed, nobody came. I play my music, a stick, a drum, a horn, a bell, an egg, a wineglass, a can, a ribbon and a rope.
The speakers dont look like they work.
There's a big tough guy.
He runs over to check it out.
Comes out of there shaking and crying.
He's only been in there five seconds, he comes out and his hair turned white.
Matt puts on his pants and plays the music.